“One guitar…for all times”

First Compact Disc by ENSAMBLE KANARI

“Guitar, Art and Discipline”, academic group of Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas offer one of the results of their work that gives a precedent of the academic work inside public universities of México consisting in an investigative document (included a brief resume of this in the CD) and, resulting of this, a Compact Disc and a serie of public presentations of whom this is one.

The main thesis of this short essay, and our main motivation for this recording, is the conviction that the modern classical guitar owns a group of physical and social qualities that make it a suitable instrument to perform a wide range of repertoire. From the Renaissance to the present time, this repertoire can be played on the guitar without loosing its musical essence, or even the timbrical clothing for which it was originally conceived.

In this CD, we have presented a repertoire that renders a polarity which have always been part of art music: polyphonic vs. homophonic, popular vs. academic, national vs. universal, romantic vs. classical, personal vs. objective. The guitar accomplishes this task perfectly well, and, thanks to its early ancestors, it has been doing it for centuries. This is the ultimate value we want to prize.


“Guitarra, Arte y Disciplina”


DOCENTES: Fabián Edmundo Hernández Ramírez, Juan Pablo Correa Ortega, Rafael Dávila Troncoso, Carlos Candelario Beltrán Jacobo, Guadalupe Revilla Oregón, Francisco Javier Muro Guevara, Julio César Jiménez Moreno, Rosa María García Ortiz, José Antonio Rocamontes de la Peña, Clara Pontifes Villarreal, Daniel Escoto Villalobos.


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