Since the organization of the academic group CA-UAZ 115 in the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, they are working in three specific lines L1 – “Consumos Culturales”, L2 “Desarrollo Artístico”, L3 “Educación Artística y Currículo” and with different projects like:

  • “Ensamble Kanari “– profesional guitar ensemble that Works in lines 1 and 2 performing music, and looking the composition of new Works for ensemble PERMANENT.
  • “La guitarra…un instrumento para cada tiempo” Project in lines 1 and 2,whose permit the realization of  profesional register in CDs with the colaboration of students of academic group. Now we have three CD realized with federal aid (PIFI 2007 – 2008 and 2009). IN COURSE.
  • “Formación de Públicos para la música de concierto” – Project in lines 1 and 3 that is looking  new publics for guitar through realizing concerts of teachers and students, master clases of diferent teachers and other activities with different institutions. This have been realized with federal aid (PIFI 2007 Y 2008). RESTING IN REVISION.
  • Orquesta de Guitarras de la UAZ – Project in three lines of academic group involving students  and teachers doing interpretation of new music in recording premiere developing a high level practice for students of bachelor in music and a posible interchange of experiencies with other groups in México and in other countries. PERMANENT.
  • “Proyecto de Reestructuración de las Licenciaturas en Música de la UAZ”, colaboration with all the Area de Arte y Cultuura-UAZ teachers , inside of line 3 since 2004 and ending in 2006. Realized with federal aid. CONCLUDED IN 2006
  • “MENART-Modelo de Enseñanza Activa de las Artes”, involving line 3 but with an impact in other two lines, this Project awarded for National Institute of fine Arts (INBA for their letters in spanish) to be realized in secondary scholl UAZ , has concluded in their first part and are in revision and readaptation. RESTING IN REVISION.
  • “Ciclo Internacional de Guitarra” rrealized since 2006 to 2010 was the result of the working that during years the guitar teachers were like a national serie, This was transformed in an international event and was recognized for profesional guitarists in all Mexico for its quality. Realized like a part of the “Festival Cultural Zacatecas”  it was lidered by Daniel Escoto Villalobos like general coordinator, This event was financied by  Instituto Zacatecano de Cultura and with the human resources, spaces and equipment of Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, gained in their last edition (2010) Federal Aid (PIFI 2009).During their existence it have the visit of more than 40 guitarists of international scene and the assistance of more than 100 students of guitar from Mexico (more than 10 different states) and from other countries.