Name of the Group: “Kanari” Guitar Ensemble.
Discipline: Chamber Music
Residence: Zacatecas City
Country of Residence: MÉXICO

Places and conditions for Concert: mainly theaters and concert halls; also museums, schools and churces with medium size.
A sound Technician and quality amplification with six microphones – five with “T” – and sound proof two hours before concert and during the concert.
A person to move the chairs and implements of musicians in scenic space two hours before concert and during the concert. A person who sell CDs since a half hour before concert and a half hour after the concert. A table for CDs sell.
Scenic space: minimum twenty square meters (5 large X 4    ) with five players.
Nine chairs and table for 4 chairs. Five music stands.
Be able to use the concert hall two hours before concert.
Dressing or isolated room to tune the instruments before performance

Before concert: Card of Invitation to the group with anticipation of 15 days in Mexico (for other countries minimum three months) specifying what will be pay by the organization (fees, transportation, meals and lodging normally) and the place for the concert with the main caractheristics of scenic space.
Local and foreign transportations for five people.
Meals and lodging for seven people.
Necessary a half (50%) in an advance payment two weeks before concert (Not refunded if the organization cancel the concert).
During the concert: duration time of 70 minutes with an intermission of ten minutes.
Necessary one or two persons and a table  (2 X 1) to the CDs selling.
After the concert: The remainder amount of the advance payment will be payed inmediately after the concert.
Concerts with orchestra (like soloists and with an orchestral ensembles of guitars since 7 to 24 players) required special fees.


Artistic Director: Daniel Escoto Villalobos Cel. Phone  (492) 125 4569
Artistic Manager: Alfonso A. Naranjo / Cel. Phone: 52+(492) 115 3503
52+ (492) 922 8569  Unidad de Música UAZ
Fax: 52+ (492) 924 2344
Web page: