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K   A    N    A    R    I

The voice Kanari means guitar and is a little one that the wirarikas or huicholes use for their folk music. Wirarikas are living between the states of Jalisco, Nayarit and Zacatecas, México. The guitar is the common instrument for all kanari members.
This group born in 2005 like a natural results of the teaching work of the members of kanari in Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, whose are developing an academic work inside Cuerpo Académico UAZ-115, and like a result of the previous work in the groups “Terceto Zacatecano de Guitarras” y “Ensamble Zacatecano de Guitarras” between 2000 and 2004.
With an important musical career and solid musical studies his members , since 2006, with a successful first CD named “una guitarra…para cada tiempo”, they develop an important artístic profesional agroupation, with an special difusión of latinoamerican academic music and doing concerts in all México and other countries.
Kanari its a regular participant in the most important guitar festivals,  and in 2008 they were invited like soloists of Orquesta Filarmónica de Zacatecas, playing Concierto Andaluz of Joaquin Rodrigo, among the concerts in La Paz (UABCS y  Sala de Conciertos La Paz) in november 2010, where they did the ESTRENO MUNDIAL of music composed for Kanari by Mexican composers Gerardo Tamez and Ernesto Hernández Luna Gómez.
They second CD realized during 2008 and tittled Cuatro Generaciones de Guitarra Universitaria, offers the Premiere Discográfica of many works, some ot them with the participation of  students and teachers of two mexican universities and they Third CD, will offer the Premiere of two works composed for kanari under the auspicious of Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas.
ACTIVE INTEGRANTS OF KANARI: Daniel Escoto Villalobos, Edgar Bautista Acosta, Sergio de los Santos Tondopó  y Fabián E. Hernández Ramírez.

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